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Leading edge

Aviation art

Text Box: About the Artist
Text Box: Leading Edge Art 
covers a broad range of aviation subjects in my drawings to include military, commercial, corporate, private and vintage aircraft. 
All artworks are completed in pencil medium and reproduced on ultra premium, bright white, matte presentation paper.

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Keith Brown

Saint Charles Missouri


(314) 420-6955

Text Box:  I am a native St. Louisan who discovered a 
love for aviation art at the young age of 13. 
I am a self-taught artist and have drawn everything from WWII aircraft to modern fighters and airliners to space vehicles. As a former member of the Missouri Air National Guard for 
31 years, I had the privilege of working around various aircraft and the pilots that flew them.
I enjoy drawing aircraft because of their power and versatility. Each aircraft has its own 
purpose and a personality that I try to create 
in my drawings.
Text Box: “If it can fly, 
  I can draw it!”
Text Box: Print sizes are 13” x 19”  
Paper weight is 51 lbs
Text Box: F4-011
Text Box: LeadEdge1@aol.com


13 x19 Prints

$35 ea